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    Monday to Friday


Our Boarding comprises of two separate wings for boys and girls and is kept under supervision of two separate wardens for boys and girls respectively. We provide remarkable hostel facilities that ensure hygienic living conditions and cater to all round growth and development of students.


Montfort Boarding is a residence for boy students of Montfort School, Anakkara. It was started in the year 2000. This boarding aims at providing a home atmosphere where a happy, friendly and spiritual relationship is fostered and maintained. The boarding life here helps the child to imbibe all the spiritual and moral virtues.


GIRLS’ BOARDING by Augustinian Sisters

The origin of Augustinian Sisters of Cologne, Germany dates back to 1838, when four sisters responded the call of the church and the need of their time, dedicating their lives to the humanity. True to their tradition, they try to continue Christ’s Ministry through various activities such as health ministry, education, hostels, counseling, home for the senior citizens, nursing schools , social activities etc. They started their first house in India at Kumily in 1967 rendering health services and their services are available in many parts of the country. Realizing a great need of girls’ boarding in Montfort School, the have initiated to run the girls boarding.




  1. Application for admission to the hostel can be collected from the school office.
  2. Only Montfort School students are admitted to Montfort hostel. Dismissal or withdrawal from the school automatically affects the place in the hostel and vice versa.
  3. The warden will be in charge of the management and the day to day administration of the hostel.
  4. In matters of admission, accommodation and disciplinary action, the principal’s ruling shall be final.


  1. Every boarder shall maintain the highest moral standards of life at all places. Rules of modesty and decorum in dress must be strictly adhered to.
  2. All cases of illness must be immediately reported to the warden. In case of serious illness the parent / guardian must take charge of their ward.
  3. An inmate who wishes to vacate the hostel must give a written notice two weeks in advance, signed by their parent / guardian and total fees due for the term will have to be paid.

General Rules:

  1. You have to make sure that all the items as per the “Requirement List” are supplied to your ward. Please don’t economise on the number. There will be a physical verification of the same on the reporting day or the following day.
  2. Wearing Bermuda trousers, ¾ trousers are not allowed within the boarding. Only games shorts are permitted during games time and washing time. Hence they are not allowed to wear the same in the Boarding.
  3. Students are not permitted to borrow any item whatsoever from their companions (clothes, games equipments, books, note books and other stationery items…etc)
  4. Extra coaching and additional help to students if necessary, the same will be organised by the Principal/Warden with the help of our teaching staff in the course of time. The fee for the same will be intimated to the parents of the concerned students.
  5. Students should keep only their books pertaining to their studies in the school bags and study hall desks.
  6. The medium of communication in the school/boarding premises is only English.
  7. Students are admitted in the boarding on the understanding that they will remain in the boarding at least for one academic year. However, parents desirous of withdrawing their ward before the end of the academic year may do so, by giving a requisition in writing and will have to pay the entire boarding fees (3 terms & other fees) of the academic year.
  8. If the Warden find that your child’s behaviour is not as it should be even after many reminders, he may have to be withdrawn from the boarding even before the academic year comes to an end.
  9. When a student is removed or dismissed from the boarding, he is automatically removed from the school. The vice-versa is also applicable.
  10. Evening warm-up followed by game is compulsory. If you want your ward not to participate in the games due to some health reason or any other valid reasons a written requisition to the Warden is a must.
  11. Avoid dealing with anyone who may make all sorts of promises even if they are a part of the school or management.
  12. Some parents criticize and speak negatively about the school and staff in front of their children which does not help anyone in turn does a lot of harm to their own children. Parents are requested to be courteous and polite, when they visit the School/Boarding.
  13. If parents are found interfering in the smooth functioning of the School/Boarding, the school authorities will not be able to retain their ward in the school & boarding.
  14. All boys must take a short and proper haircut, whenever they return to the school after short/long holidays & terminal holidays & terminal holiday, failing which they will not be admitted into the dormitory/classroom.
  15. Parents are once again reminded seriously not to give any present, money or gift to the staff.
  16. Parents are permitted to visit their children only on the specified visiting weekend, i.e., 3 rd Sunday of the month between 01. Pm – 03.30 pm. They should leave the campus before 03.45 pm.
  17. Parents are requested not to give any medicines, tablets, lotions, inhalers to the children without the permission of the principal/warden. If any such items are to be kept with a student in the dormitory, they will be permitted only with a written permission of the principal which will be informed to the warden. If parents want to have special care for the follow-up of the medicines to your ward deposit the same to the warden.
  18. The management and the school authorities are not responsible for the loss of any articles, valuables or belongings of the students: it is responsibility of the students to take care of their belongings.
  19. Students will not be permitted to visit or stay with their friends or classmates, either during the non visit week-ends/term holidays’ terminal holiday.
  20. Whenever the children are indisposed or sick, they are taken care of at the boarding. Children who need further attention are regularly taken to hospital nearby for further check-up and treatment. In spite of these efforts, if the concerned child is not recovering according to our expectation or when the nature of the illness is serious, the warden will inform the parent/guardian and may allow them to take the child home. They are expected to contact us and keep us informed about the progress of the child’s health.
  21. You are not permitted to deposit any cash (especially Pocket money) with anyone inside the school/boarding other than the main warden. You can deposit pocket money per term a minimum of Rs.3000/- with the latter.
  22. Boarding Number labels: Boarding number tapes (100 labels) will be supplied by the school. All the cloth items should have these numbers affixed on them. It should be stitched neatly without being seen externally. You are not permitted to write the boarding number with colour marker pens on external clothes.
  23. Electronic Equipment: Students are not permitted to possess or use electronic goods of any kind, gold ornaments and other gadgets which are not learning friendly. Anyone found in possession of or associated with gadgets and electronic goods are not permitted in school/ boarding, will be fined 10 times the cost of the gadget in addition to the other disciplinary measures mentioned in the school handbook. They will also forfeit the gadget.
  24. You can deposit with warden a mobile (basic model) to contact you on weekends Sunday night between 08.00 – 08.25 pm. No balance amount is to be kept in the mobile.
  25. Students are requested to utilise the terminal holidays for tours, pilgrimage and prolonged religious functions. During the working days, whatever be the reason, they are not permitted to go on pilgrimages, tour. Students are permitted to take leave only for the family programmes related to their father, mother, sister, brother and grandparents. Students will not be permitted to leave the Boarding to attend weddings, anniversaries and other programmes associated with their relatives, friends or neighbours.
  26. Unauthorised absence from the boarding and the class is not permitted. Any student who absents himself without prior permission of the Principal, or those who fail to report back to the boarding/school on the due date will be fined Rs.500 per hour- and also a warning letter is issued to him.
  27. Reporting late to boarding after Onam, Christmas, Terminal and short holidays is not permitted. The reporting time is before 06.00 pm. The defaulters will be fined Rs.500/-and more.
  28. All appointment with doctor’s to be done on 1 st Saturday/holidays only. An appointment chart for the Academic year 2018-19 to be obtained from the Doctor in advance and submitted to the warden.
  29. When your child comes home, please give him the required toilet articles and stationery materials for the next term.
  30. Whenever there is a change of address/phone number, kindly inform the school office about the same.
  31. Recommendation to Parents: ‘Home is the first school and parents are the best teachers.’ No teacher/warden can substitute the parents. This concept is true even when children are away in the boarding. No school can be an alternative for the ‘HOME.’ The school and the teachers are only an extension of the educational process which the parents have already begun at home. Hence, we look forward to maximum co-operation and understanding between parents and the school authorities which will enable us to bring out the best in every child entrusted to us and make the child a superior learner, achiever and discoverer. Parents are specially requested to go through all the guidelines and regulations carefully and co-operate with the school in maintaining punctuality, regularity, discipline and courteous behaviour.

N.B: In spite of all our efforts, due to unavoidable, unforeseen circumstances, if any untoward ‘incidents’ happen among the students the parents /guardians are requested to help management to solve the issue fairly and justly.

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